Silver Hammer Killer

suspect in several local murders


This is the name used by MCPD detectives for the suspect in a series of murders in Millennium City. So far the best witness description is nothing more than “male, medium height, age between 20 and 35”. All the victims were killed by the same weapon; forensics experts have identified it as a late-Medieval style war hammer (most likely a modern replica), either made of silver or silver-plated. The investigation is ongoing but has few leads to work with; barring a tip from an informant or some similarly unlikely break in the case, authorities have little choice but to wait for the Silver Hammer Killer to strike again.

The first murder occurred on the MC University campus. The victim, Charles Furniss, was interrupted during a robbery/assault of a female student by an unknown man who apparently beat him to death in the ensuing struggle. The second victim was a vagrant, eventually identified as William Calley of no fixed address. His corpse was discovered in an alley and no witnesses have come forward. The third victim, Joan Milton, was a graduate student in philosophy, murdered in her off-campus apartment. The killer set fire to the apartment building in what police believe was an attempt to destroy possible evidence and cover his tracks. The fourth murder occurred in a parking garage near a concert hall shortly after an MCU-sponsored concert. The victim, Elizabeth Bathory, was an Art History professor new to the MCU staff. Since this killing police have operated on the theory that the killer has some connection to the university, most likely being a student or faculty or staff member.

Silver Hammer Killer

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