Vic Mackey

plainclothes detective


Bald, stocky but powerful. Has trace of South Boston accent.

Detective Mackey has served most of his career investiating narcotics trafficking and on street gang task forces. He has an excellent arrest record and some of his raids have made major, if temporary, dents in the local drug trade. But he’s also known for use of questionable methods (including excessive force complaints and working with extremely shady individuals to get tips) and has been under suspicion for corruption (accepting bribes, stealing money from dealers he arrests) a number of times. No formal charges have been filed to date due to lack of evidence (and sometimes because witnesses recanted). Vic says of his methods:" I do what works." He claims to be untroubled by accusations against him, but has been known to conduct off-the-clock investigations of his accusers to turn up dirt on them. Happy to work with supers if doing so will advance his goals or help collar suspects.

Vic Mackey

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