Jack Napier

plainclothes detective


Tall, thin, fancy dresser. Nearly always grinning.

Jack Napier entered the police academy straight out of high school and has been with the force ever since. Now a detective for about 6 years; most agree that he has been held back from further promotions by his refusal to take anything seriously and his occasional habit of making inappropriate jokes where superiors can hear them. Jack doesn’t seem troubled by this, or by much of anything else. He’s nearly always smiling, or even laughing out loud at situations others find horrifying. Some think his sense of humor is simply a way of coping with the stress of police work, while others suspect he has psychological problems. But everyone agrees that Detective Napier is a real joker.

Napier has no problem working with supers; he finds them even funnier than everything else.

Jack Napier

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