Slight of a man, obviously suffering from some sort of ailment.


A man of average height Gugnir has a gaunt and emaciated look. Usually dressed in dark clothing and preferring slightly loose pants and a tight sweater. He wears to silver bracelets with which he uses to stores his arms and munitions in an extra-dimensional space.

His eyes shine a distinct silver and where his pupils should be are crosshairs.


An exceptional soldier and even better sniper Gugnir was selected at a relatively young age for augmentation by the People’s Legion of the Soviet Union. Their experimentation on him gifter him with eyes that allowed him to use nightvision and scoping capabilities without the assistance of technology.

Unfortunately the experiments also gave him a rare disease that allows him to be unaffected by the passage of time but racks his body with pain. This causes him to have a very abrasive and morose personality.

His past missions for the People’s Legion have been mindwiped from his thoughts and all he left with his vague recollections of certain people’s faces who were obviously important to him.

A heavy drinker and even heavier smoker, Gugnir looks for various ways to relieve the pain while looking for ways to attone for past actions he cannot remember.


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