Cordelia Chase

plainclothes detective


Tall, pretty brunette. Always impeccably dressed.


Cordelia Chase moved to Millennium City after a brief and only marginally successful career as a model/actress in Hollywood (her only national appearance was in a commercial for tanning lotion). She joined the police force out of a simple desire to help people and “make a difference”. Her recent promotion to detective was a surprise to nearly everyone, herself included; while her record as an officer was good, it’s widely suspected that she was promoted due to her looks, either as a P.R. ploy or because some high-ranking official wanted to get in her pants. Derisively referred to as “Detective Barbie” or “Miss MCPD” (a beauty-pageant reference) by other officers, Cordelia is almost desperate to crack a big case and silence her critics. She seems almost eager to involve supers in any case they can help with.

Cordelia Chase

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